Charlie Costello

Rockport, Maine

Travel is the means and photography is a way to reach the end of an understanding and a way to help others that are not as fortunate to see those cultures, those worlds from your own unique view.

Walk the walk, and yes, talk the talk. Lead by example and live your life with purpose and passion whether it be in your garden, traveling the world or navigating your local trails. Travel is a window to the world and seeing other cultures, other countries, through the lens of your camera is a way to experience it in your own unique view. It helps you to appreciate things that most people, locals or travelers, don't pay attention to; balloons playing hide-and-go-seek with pagoda's in Bagan, Burma, the decaying colors of a doorway in Beijing, China, or the beauty of a goat with child in the doorway of a home in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

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