New York, USA

I am a storyteller at heart. My background as a painter, archivist and curator combined with my obsession with anthropological histories, early film and the collecting and displaying of ephemera drives my vision of photography, painting, and writing. I write from the heart and often combine fine art photography with my narratives and poetry.

I also create custom, limited edition art books for individuals who want to document a special event in their own life. - Marianne Światłowicz Dalton (AKA Marianne Smith Dalton)

Areas of Expertise

Commercial and Exhibition Quality Personal and Commission Work:
Fine Art Photography. Custom Art Books and Original Fine Art Paintings.
Archivist & Curator
Nonfiction Writer

Professional Affiliations

Director of the Sarah G. Austin Foundation, Membership: International Photography Awards, Aperture Member, Moore College of Art and Design Alumnae, Southern Illinois University Graduate School of Fine Art Alumnae,

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