Kids & Culture Camp

Washington, DC USA

Since 2010, Kids & Culture Camp (KCC) has provided diverse educational experiences for children ages 3-12 in Washington, DC. Founder, Jania Otey, believes that inspiring children to use their education to celebrate diversity builds character and helps alleviate societal prejudices and misconceptions. When our children understand and appreciate each other, they make this world better. KCC sets itself apart from the rest with a band of caring moms who lead the way in every educational endeavor, followed by a family of parents who 100% trust the journey. This cookbook is one of those many educational endeavors.

Areas of Expertise

Jania Otey is a vegan cook, home educator, attorney, and the founder and executive director of Kids & Culture Camp. She holds a B.A. degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University. She is admitted to practice law in Maryland and D.C.

Books by Kids & Culture Camp