Patricia Oblack

1444 Bald Eagle Rd . Glencoe, Missouri 63038

The Art of Creation:

I love what I do. There is nothing but the act of painting itself that brings such satisfaction to my soul. There is no anger or frustration, only the emotional output of creative energy being guided through my hand. To capture such energy, my vast collection of music is always with me from start to finish. The music takes me places; those places appear from the paint and the way paint moves under the knife interacts with the normal visit of my cat who is always overseeing my progress. There are no huge emotional explosions or euphony's that take place, only the hand matched with the paint, blended with the music & of course, chance. In the end it’s all about controlled magic.

This book contains more than 35 full color reproductions of recent work spanning more than 5 yrs., Well known for her richly textured, multiple panels, each piece evokes a visceral quality that leads the viewer on their own journey to discover the enjoyment of imagination by abstraction

Professional Affiliations

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