Debbie Smith

Portland, Oregon

Debbie spent most of her life living along or near the Gulf Coast, including 12 years in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her journeys have taken her throughout the states and to Europe, Mexico, Israel and India. She also traveled to Egypt numerous times and had the opportunity to live there for one year in 1989-90.

While studying art in college, Debbie received instruction in all mediums and most styles. Although she enjoyed using oils and watercolors, she found her greatest satisfaction came when using charcoal, pencil and pastels to create realistic art, which she still favors today. Her commissioned portraits and original art can be found in homes and businesses throughout the states.

"I use photographs for reference but I also try to add something more - perhaps a bit of spirit. Although I do create art using pastels and color pencils, I have found that I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of using charcoal to create strikingly distinctive drawings in black and white. "

Books by Debbie Smith