Yan O'Cain

Repentigny, Québec, Canada

Yan O’Cain has been a pro wrestling collector for over 35 years. His first memory of pro wrestling dates back to 1987, idolizing Hulk Hogan on WWF Superstars, a TV show he watched alongside his father every Sunday morning. Although WWF videocassettes were the first thing he really collected, his love for wrestling magazines has always been present ever since he bought his first magazine back in 1989. In his quest to create this guide, he acquired over 4000 magazines to gather as much information as possible. This guide is now twelve years in the making, as although it was first announced in 2016, the work on it actually began around 2010.

Since 2018, Yan operates Canadian Wrestling Collectors, a private Facebook group of collectors with the mission of creating a community that helps its members to grow their collection and knowledge about wrestling collectibles.

Yan is also a former pro wrestler on the independent scene. Under the wrestling alias Nova Cain, Yan ranked four times in t

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