Dynamic Choices Family Wellness

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I am nurse, a life coach and an author who works with both adults and children facing the challenges of food sensitivities. I have created a unique assessment tool that allows people to independently determine the roll that food sensitivities might be play in their health, learning and behaviour symptoms. It helps them identify the underlying trigger food and then to create a successful plan to implement the changes. I am also the author of the book, COULD IT REALLY BE SOMETHING THEY ATE? The Life Changing Impact of Addressing Food Sensitivities in Children.

Areas of Expertise

Food Sensitivities, chronic illness care, health learning and behaviour challenges in children. support for health and nutrition professionals wanting to include food sensitivity assessments in their care, workshop presentations to a wide audience on the topic of food sensitivities

Professional Affiliations

College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

International Coaching Federation

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