Rain Bermudez

New York

Photography is past, and glimpses of the future captured in ways that allow the viewer to be present with it in the moment with beauty in its center.

Beauty is multifaceted. One of the things that is most important to me and my work, is not only photographing and showcasing the black experience, but also the nuances and multifaceted ways of it. As a photographer, I find beauty in all things. It could be an empty street with no one on it, or a family walking together with long faces, or even a couple engaging with each other and sharing a beautiful moment. As a photographer, I want all of it; I want to capture the whole range of human emotions. I believe that when it comes to art especially, there is a lot of beauty in pain. There’s also a lot of beauty in people’s stories. I want all of it captured, the highs and the lows. Beauty to me is all of that.

Books by Rain Bermudez