Clee Images


Clee Images is a talented and highly regarded photographer known for her distinctive and edgy black and white photography. Her unique style is characterized by a blend of creative and documentary photography that captures raw emotion and tells a compelling story.

Clee's forte is her ability to see beyond the obvious and capture the essence of her subject. Her work is easily recognizable among those who know her, and she has been published in various publications around the world.

What sets Clee Images apart is her commitment to capturing the soul of her beliefs in her photography. She believes that the way she sees and feels is reflected in her creativity, and it is this connection to her work that makes it so powerful.

Those who work with Clee describe her as easy-going, fun, and highly creative. She has a knack for putting people at ease, which allows her to capture candid and authentic moments that others may miss.

Books by Clee Images