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House of Brinson | William and Susan Brinson
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You worked hard to make your blog, but Blurb makes it easy to turn it into a book that’s well-designed, coffee table-ready, and ready to sell, keep, gift, or share.

With Blurb, you can:

  • Slurp from your blogging platform – Blurb supports Blogger, LiveJournal, and TypePad
  • Import directly into BookSmart – Automatically add blog text, images, comments, and even links into professionally designed page layouts
  • Edit in real time – Auto-flow your entire blog into your book or choose specific posts. Customize and edit your book as little or as much as you like.
  • Enjoy high quality – Our hardcover and paperback books all feature professional bindings, your choice of paper, and go up to 440 pages.
  • Get your book in a flash – Your book should be on your doorstep in about a week.
  • Print on demand – Order copies as you need them. Volume discounts start at orders of 10 and increase accordingly.
  • Share your work – Get the word out on Twitter and Facebook with a link to a digital preview of your blog book.
  • Sell your work – Turn your blog into profit – set your own price in our online bookstore and keep 100% of your profit.
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